15+ Years of FinServ Experience
RIT Graduate



15+ Years of FinsServ Experiece
Columbia University Graduate



Sidekick Security has dedicated resources throughout the US, ready to assist on your project.


Why Us?

Sidekick Security has the engineering, information security, and automation expertise to help your business get to the next level.

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The team at Sidekick has been enterprise decsion makers for decades. They are availible to share their experience with your business, and help augment your existing staff.
From low-latency trading venues, secure compute environments, or hybrid on/off-prem clouds, the Sidekick team is ready to design/build/implement your visions.
Execution is all that matters, we won't sleep till you are completly satisfied.

Product Partners

Sidekick Security is able to bring tools to the SMB market usually reserved for the enterprise. By co-sourcing your administartion/engineering, Sidekick Security can deliver the best-of-breed products to companies of any size

paloalto networks

It never hurts to have legitimate competition in the security space, and that is exactly what Palo Alto Networks offers. For the next generation in network firewalling, Palo Alto provides a great alternative for enterprises.


Traditional endpoint protections cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, leaving organizations vulnerable to countless advanced attacks. Sidekick Security has partnered with Carbon Black, the leader in endpoint Detection & Incident Response.

Check Point

In the ever-changing security space, one company continues to be at the forefront of all things security, and that company is Check Point. From perimeter, to VPN, to endpoint, Sidekick Security can assist in all phases of any project.



Some of our favorite projects/clients:

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From consulting, to procurement, to remote administration; Sidekick does it all.

Information Security

Sidekick's team of security professionals can help design, engineer, and implement the best of today's and tomorrow's security solutions.

Infrastructure Consulting

Leverage Sidekick's decades of experience in designing low-latency, zero-downtime, trading envrironments for your next project.

Audit Prep & Review

Sidekick's team can be engaged to run a full scale audit simulation (PCI/DSS, SOX404, GDPR, etc.) or be brought in along side of your team during an audit.

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Seth Lyons Co-Founder